Re: [Evolution] Evolution & mailto: URLs? YES!

Well, unfortunately I use a browser that isn't properly integrated with the desktop and mime support (Opera), so I can't use that approach.  I actually don't know of what other serious browser that does support that--NS and Mozilla certainly don't welcome you to use anyone else's mail software.  Maybe Konquerer or something?

In any case, Opera _does_ allow you to define the path to the binary to use for "mailto:" URLs, but unfortunately does not support the %s syntax.  It just automatically adds the URL, not allowing you to add quotes or anything.

But while I've had this compose window open, I've mucked around a bit, and got it to work.  YES, IT WORKS!  It even supports the "?subject=" mailto: syntax.  This makes me very happy.

For any other Opera users around here, or for anyone in a similar situation, here is the solution.
Create a small shellscript (I named mine "evomail") with the following one line of code:
/usr/bin/evolution "mailto:$1"

(excuse the HTML formatting, but I assume we all are using Evolution here =)

Now, in Opera, under the Applications/E-mail Client field of the Preferences window, just enter the path to your little script like this: /home/eric/bin/evomail

Don't forget to chmod your script file to make it executable.

It works great, thanks everyone!

On 06 Aug 2001 10:32:39 -0400, Michael Leone wrote:
> > > > Actually you can.  Just go to the 'URL Handlers' section of the Gnome
> > > Control Center and set the mailto handler to 'evolution "%s"'.
> > >
> > > You CAN? Evry time I've seen that question posted, the answer was "no".
> When
> > > did that change?
> >
> > Not really sure when it changed.... But someone posted that it worked a
> > few days ago, and sure enough it's working for me....
> Huh. How 'bout that. I'll hafta give that a try later tonight. You get just
> the compose window, and not the whole shell, right? And Evo doesn't have to
> be running?

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