Re: [Evolution] [gtkhtml] tabs ....

Le 2001.04.27 18:36:22 +0200, Larry Ewing a écrit :

As a side note, you should notice that cutting and pasting tabs does
generally work anyway, so the fact that it fails here is by no means
unique, even if the way it fails is also less than optimal.

Well, it works with text mail clients on gnome-terminal, it works with
Balsa, I think it worked with Spruce, so far Evo is the first one to do
that to me. I know real hackers use mutt/pine & procmail, but I would
liked to use Evo for these tasks.

Hmmm unless I misunderstand the original problem the does not work with
text clients in gnome-terminal.

In gnome-terminal (unlike some other terminals), when you copy/paste a tab
it's not transformed in spaces. Try it right now, type:
echo 'gnome-termi^V^I'
where ^V is Ctrl-V and ^I is the tab key, then copy/paste the line
(triple-left click, middle click) in your bash, and voilà ! You just pasted
a tab, so you have auto-completion ...


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