Re: [Evolution] [gtkhtml] tabs ....

Le 2001.04.26 15:55:25 +0200, Dan Winship a écrit :
What's worse is that when received, they are shown as 8 spaces ! So I
copy/paste a received patch, it's just plain unusable - even in "view
source" mode. It seems to be a gtkhtml problem.

Well, you can save the message and then extract the patch from that...
but this is unfortunate. Not sure how fixable it is.

Well, I think you can understand that's not how I want to work with my
mailer. Gtkhtml should not convert tabs to spaces, it should display a tab
as the correct amount of spaces, and transfer it as an actual tab character
when pasted.

You seem to think it's not easily fixable ? 


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