[Evolution] [gtkhtml] tabs ....

Le 2001.04.26 03:55:30 +0200, Duncan Mak a écrit :
hey gang. To get Evolution snapshots again, just go to the unsubscribed
channels on the left, and you'll see the good ol' Evolution Snapshots
channel again. Click on the link, click subscribe, wait a bit, and it'll
work just like it used to. (sorry, my local build is borked, i can't do
line-breaks at all ;( ) 

speaking of line-breaks ...

it's important to be able to send & receive text-only mails (good, Evo can
do it), fully preserved (Evo can't do it).
A good example: when sending patches to linux-kernel, they must be "in
clear-text under your message", so lines must be left in one piece, and
whitespaces must be preserved. Attachment is not an option, because the
reply may include pieces of patches.
OK, I just checked and it's possible to turn off word-wrapping when using
"preformatted" instead of "normal" as the composing style. Good.

Tabs should be left as-is, at least when copying/pasting in the composer.
Currently they are pasted as a non-ascii character (showing as "NL" with
the font I use, but I think it's an actual tab). But when sent they are
correctly sent as tabs. So I suppose the "tab" char in just incorrectly
displayed in the composer.

What's worse is that when received, they are shown as 8 spaces ! So I can't
copy/paste a received patch, it's just plain unusable - even in "view
source" mode. It seems to be a gtkhtml problem.


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