[Evolution] A few notes about the user interface


I've been trying out Evolution as a mail client for the past week or so,
version 0.9 installed from the evolution-0.9-1.deb.  On one system, the
compose window refuses to open, but I haven't looked into that much, I
suspect it's a local config problem.  On another system, it works fine,
but I have a few points to raise:

o The shortcut bar seems to get easily confused.  I tried to put my IMAP
inbox into the shortcut bar, and the result was the next time Evolution
ran, the icons and labels were mixed up.  This seems to happen every
time I try to make a change to the shortcut bar.
o When replying to a mail with really long lines, it'd be handy if the
quoted text was wordwrapped to 75 columns or so, as the display widget
doesn't do automatic word wrapping with long lines already in the
editor.  Also, I'd like to be able to default to not having any
formatting in the reply window, as I will always send in plaintext, so
I'd like to see what I'm composing in plaintext.
o When forwarding a mail, it can either be forwarded as an attachment,
or as quoted text.  Both are usually considered fairly bad habits, in
particular forwarding as quoted (and indented) text leads to emails that
have more greater than symbols than actual text.  I'd like to at least
have this behaviour an option.
o When specifying an IMAP server, you cannot specify the port number,
which makes creating ssh tunnels for secured IMAP servers harder - the
ssh tunnel must be created by a root user.
o And finally, I'd like to have the index of a folder start with the
first new message selected and visible in the list.

So, the above are mostly minor irritations, but they may be worth
solving before Evolution is released. :)


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