Re: [Evolution] STILL having problems composing window

Maybe it is problem, but when I test
rpm -qf /usr/bin/std-moniker
file /usr/bin/std-moniker is not owned by any package

From which package is it. Maybe upgrade this binary is solution?

On Redhat 6.2, with a (more or less) working Evo from Redcarpet:

[xav nomade:~/CVS_dirs/AROS]$ rpm -qf /usr/bin/std-moniker
file /usr/bin/std-moniker: Aucun fichier ou répertoire de ce type

("no such file or directory")

my advice: rm /usr/bin/std-moniker
But to compose window it is needed, it seams. 


What version of evolution is this you have?  I don't have std-moniker,
and my commpose window seems to work fine.

As I posted earlier, std-moniker is no longer an extrenal process (i.e.
separate program), so Pavel must have an old, outdated version of some
.oafinfo files or something.
Yes, now I found it

Try this:
cd /usr/share/oaf
rpm -qf * > /dev/null   ... this print only error messages
(re)move any files, that are not owned by any package

Now it is working. I don't understood before, you had writen about .oafinfo
and I tried only
find /usr/share -name ".aoinfo"
this file does not exist.



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