Re: [Evolution] A few notes about the user interface

o When forwarding a mail, it can either be forwarded as an attachment,
or as quoted text.  Both are usually considered fairly bad habits, in
particular forwarding as quoted (and indented) text leads to emails that
have more greater than symbols than actual text.  I'd like to at least
have this behaviour an option.

This has been debated at length, months ago.  Forwarding as an
attachemnt is the correct way, and why it is the default behaviour, and
will not change.

o When specifying an IMAP server, you cannot specify the port number,
which makes creating ssh tunnels for secured IMAP servers harder - the
ssh tunnel must be created by a root user.

Yep you can, you can put  :port after the server name in the imap
config, e.g.

o And finally, I'd like to have the index of a folder start with the
first new message selected and visible in the list.



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