Re: [Evolution] Is it just me?


Without knowing specifics, I would have to disagree with you. On my
system, Evolution has been become more stable with each passing release.
There would be a time when I could not get through a session without
hosing it. Now, it seldom occurs and as a bonus, the team keeps adding
new functionality!

Bruce P. Morin

Why is evolution so buggy? I've been following the development with
great interest, and always download the latest release using
helix-update, but it just doesn't seem to improve.

Sure, new features are being added all the time, but the most basic
functions regularly crash or work very badly. I think quality has been
abandoned in favour of rapid progression of features.

If basic bugs are not fixed early in the development, then I fear that
they will be lost under a whole heap of code that has been rapidly
thrown together.

Sorry, maybe I shouldn't complain because I can't spare the time to help


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