RE: [Evolution] Arguments against the outlook bar

As long as Evolution is hell bent on being the X-Outlook all it will 
ever be is a poor cousin to the Microsoft outlook. 

No more than Linux is a "poor cousin" of BSD and SysV Unix(tm).

I know we need the users, so user friendly is important, but here is a
news flash for you.  M$ isn't user friendly yet either, thy just buy
better advertising.  Maybe buy looking for an honest solution rather 
than a brought one we can truly shine.

In general, I agree that MSFT products are not as "user friendly" as
MSFT marketing would have everyone believe.

However, in particular, I believe that the Outlook Shortcut Bar *is*
a UI feature that promotes ease of use.  If it would help the Evolution
team, I'd be happy to document the exact reduction in mousing movements
it gives under what I believe to be fairly common usage scenarios.

I can't think of anything "dishonest" about that.

And, of course, anyone whose sense of ease-of-use is different is free
to turn off that view pane.


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