Re: [Evolution] Arguments against the outlook bar

This gets my vote,  the Gnome CC tree looks much nicer.  The shortcut
bar looks ugly.  I would prefer a verticle tool bar, at least it looks
like it belongs in gnome, the shortcut bar looks out of place on the
gnome desktop as soon as  the user starts to change themes!

I think it's time the Gnome community got over it's fear of newbies
freaking out because the mouse pointer is a different shade of white.

Most newbies are either to thick to notice the pointer or able to cope 
with a different one.  I agree Outlook is a good email and contact
but it's not the like the invention of the wheel, where only one
solution will work.

As long as Evolution is hell bent on being the X-Outlook all it will 
ever be is a poor cousin to the Microsoft outlook. 

It's time to rise above Microsoft.  I know the big M of Gnome has often 
spouted his desire to emulate Microsoft, but does that mean thats the
ideal?  To be nothing more than a cheap emulator!  I hope not.  I
believe the
gnome community can be better than that.  

I know we need the users, so user friendly is important, but here is a
flash for you.  M$ isn't user friendly yet either, thy just buy better 
advertising.  Maybe buy looking for an honest solution rather than a
one we can truly shine.

Be the tail lights some one else follows for a change!  Now that would
be cool.


  Rob Brown-Bayliss

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