Re: [Evolution] IMAP in CVS is broken

You need to subscribe to the folders you want to see. We'll probably make
the code subscribe you to INBOX if it isn't already subscribed by default.


On Wed, 15 Nov 2000, dan hensley att net wrote:

After 3 days of trying, I finally got Evolution from CVS
(as of yesterday morning).  I noticed that it broke
IMAP.  I have 2 POP accounts and 1 IMAP account.  In
every previous version that I've worked with, I haven't
had to set a path, and it worked fine.  Now with this
version all I see is a Sent folder.  I no longer see my
inbox, and I can't figure out how to get it to show up
(if I set my path to Inbox, it can't find anything).  Is
this a known issue?  Has it been fixed in a more recent

I have another long list of bugs and enhancement
requests, but I'll save those for another e-mail.  One I
will mention though is that Mail Configuration changes
don't seem to show up in the Folders view after making
them.  I have to stop and restart Evolution to see them. 
Ok, I'll mention another one.  I have two vfolders set
up.  When I edited the criteria on the first one, the
second one then appeared twice in my Folders view.


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