Re: [Evolution] IMAP in CVS is broken

After 3 days of trying, I finally got Evolution from CVS
(as of yesterday morning).  I noticed that it broke

I was going to say "after 3 days.. got it to compile", in case
anyone was confused.  :)

Did you try subscribing (I need to mention that subscribe is a -stupid-
term for this) to your IMAP folders?  I had to do that at some point,
but I don't remember exactly where/when.

I don't recall ever having to do that (I'm not even sure
where I would do that?).  It was working fine with 0.6, but
I wanted to get CVS evolution working so I could attempt to
take a look at Nautilus.  That's when it stopped working.
I tried deleting my IMAP configuration and recreating it,
but that didn't fix the problem.

I guess I'll have to take another whack at compiling a more
recent CVS.


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