Re: [Evolution] recurrences

Robert Mibus wrote:

I was investigating why synchronising recurrences (like 3rd tues of
every month) don't seem to work... Not only is the conduit not
converting these properly, but the calendar component doesn't handle
them - what happened?

Create an appointment, say, on the 15th of this month [november :].
Set it's recurrence to 'Monthly', recurring on the 3rd Tuesday of every
month (BTW, IMO it should be able to figure that out for itself). 'Save
and Close'.

Look at next month.... Hang on, its on the 15th again.

Something is not right here, it seems...

The recurrence code is still being switched over from the old vCalendar
code to the new iCalendar stuff. Expect it to be buggy for a while.


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