[Evolution] Evolution and Exchange Server

This was news to me, probably not for most of you...

I was dismayed when our IS guy said the MSExchange server was not setup
as an IMAP or POP server... which made Evolution virtually useless for
me... I wanted to use it as a substitute... than a friend told me that
you can comminucate with Exchange regardless of it configuration by
connecting to the exchange server as an IMAP server... set your username
and password as usual and then enter "Mailbox/" as your Path... ie:

Mail Source Type: IMAPv4
Server. mail.foo.com
Username: byrne
Path: Mailbox/
Authentication: Password

Done and done. I am now using Evolution and see no need to return to
Win2k ;) - except for my calendar... details details...

Anyway, my one question is:
For those of you who are already aware of this little "trick" - is there
a way I can import my folders and calendar through the same settings?

Thanks and good luck ;)


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