Re: [Evolution] gtkhtml inlined images

So it would actually be a URI? (don't hit me!) What is the format for

The spec in question RFC 2557 (MIME Encapsulation of Aggregate
Documents, such as HTML). It was written to make it easy for web
browsers to send web pages via email, and places a lot of burden on
the mail reader, and is thus vaguely annoying to implement if your
mail reader doesn't also happen to be a web browser. So I haven't done
the necessary rewriting of our URL stuff to get it all working yet,
but it will be supported at some point.

As for resolving http URLs in HTML messages (when the referenced
content isn't included as an attachment)--as someone mentioned, we
will support that at some point. The default will be to NOT load those
images, and you will need to click or select something to make them
load. There may eventually be support for automatically loading remote
images in certain circumstances (load images from this domain, load
images in messages from people in my addressbook, etc).

-- Dan

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