[Evolution] Views, et. al.

Greetings all.

I just tried out the "New View" command, and I'm very impressed:  being
able to have a calender open at the same time as the address book *and*
the mail-component will be very useful indeed (esp. once things like
vCards and iCal events get sent around).

I only have two questions about this, though:

1.  Drag 'n' Drop doesn't seem to be activated yet.  For example,
"dragging" a contact onto the message "to:" section doesn't add that
person to the list.  In a perfect world, I would love that kind of
functionality (as well as being able to drag message headers to the
contact section, and have it open a new record for that person if
he/she/it doesn't exist ;-).

2.  On a related note:  how possible would it be to, once drag and drop
has been implemented in more places, break certain things off into
GIMP-style floating toolbars.  For example, having a list of contacts
always floating on the right, with a "temp" section that you can drop
new addresses / "from" lines and then later fill in the gaps would be
quite handy.  This would (I imagine) look something like the GIMP's
Gradient Editor.  Equally, floating the ToDo bar from the Calender might
be handy - since a lot of my ToDo items come from emails.

But its just a thought - I don't know how much of this sort of thing
Bonobo allows you to do.  From the descriptions of the toolbar refresh
problem, it sounds like its awesome for some things, but it isn't a
Magic Bullet ;-)


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Bradley Shuttleworth

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