Re: [Evolution] gtkhtml inlined images

On ven, 03 nov 2000 03:08:06 Joe Shaw wrote:
This just sounds like you're asking for trouble, but I suppose images
pretty safe. You could do this using the http bonobo moniker really
easily. :)

There are 2 main issues that I know of in downloading images. 

I agree with you wholeheartedly, and that's why I said "sounds like you're
asking for trouble."

That's not what I asked, even if it would be useful - but only on demand (i.e.
a button "load external parts")

However, the original person who asked about all this wasn't downloading
the image, but instead had the image as an attachment and was just using a
URL to the image (probably using Content-Identity, or whatever it is that
lets you give an attachment a URL.)  I'm curious if we've addressed the
issue that that person had.

So it would actually be a URI? (don't hit me!) What is the format for

OK, you wanted it, here it is: the entire mail is at:
It's not using a Content-Identity, it's a Content-Location.

BTW, Larry Ewing said it's due to evolution not trying to find something
named http://... in the attachments, it's not due to gtkhtml.


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