[Evolution] Mild irritations

Is there a possibility that gtkhtml could be changed a little as far as
the indentation goes.
It is in fact severe irritation when you tab in the body of an email and
then try and backspace
to get rid of the indentation. I suggest that tab will create
indentation, but backspace should
remove it, instead of shift-tab....however a newline character should
preserve indentation unless
the user presses backspace....[kinda difficult to explain]...and I
probably haven't thought
about the consequences of such a change enough...
Also, another nice feature should be an option to change the headers
displayed from something 
like standard (as is the current setup) to advanced where all headers
are displayed...This 
would be a really useful thing to have...and probably quite easy to code
aswell ;)
[Apologies if this already exists and I'm too dumb to see it!]
But otherwise everything else is pretty good
                        See ya
                                Glynn ;)

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