Re: [Evolution] Message Editor

Ettore Perazzoli [ettore helixcode com] wrote:

It would be nice if the message editor for Evolution had emacs like
abilities.  For example, it would be nice if Ctrl-k killed the end of a
line.  It would also be nice if Meta-q reformated a paragraph.

I selected "Preferences" and it brought up the Gnome Control Centre
window with HTML Editor preferences selected.  I selected "Emacs like"
there, but it didn't seem to affect the Evolution editor at all.

Was it meant to?  Is this a bug?

Hm, that works just fine for me.  (And I do use the Emacs bindings when
editing mail within Evolution, as I am doing right now.)

So, maybe you are catching a bug, but I don't know what it could
be.  Radek?...

Well it definately isn't using the emacs bindings.  About the only
things that work are C-a and C-e to go to the beginning and end of

Any ideas on how I could try and track down what is happening?

When you change around defaults using the "Preferences" option of the
Edit menu, does it actually change for you?  Or did you set the emacs
preferences using a different method?



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