[Evolution] Re: Vfolders still Broken

Hello.  Sorry to put a damper on all the praise, but I have some issues
with evolution that are seemingly ignored, and I really do nt belive
that I am the only person to suffer from this bug?  It's possible, but
even if I am the only person on this list, it will happen to ther users
when eveolution reaches 1.0

My problem, sice 0.4, but was not happening in 0.3 is that vFolders only
half work.

I get many emails from lists like the evolution list that place a word
in the subject iles [Evolution].

I have many vFolders based on these email subject lines.  The vFolders
work by looking for [Evolution] in the subject.

I go to evolution, get my mail from the local mail spool, go to the
vfolder, select all, delete them all, go to the inbox and expunge. 

Then, browseing through the inbox I come across a group of emails with
[Evolution] in the subject line.

So I conclude that the vfolders do not work and have not worked fro the
previous two releases as well.

Does any one else suffer from this, has anyone noticed a similar


  Rob Brown-Bayliss

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