Re: [Evolution] Re: [HC Evolve] Calendar files - where are t

Benjamin Woo <bwoo mti com> writes:

new and interesting development...

$ evolution &
$ cd ~/evolution/local/Calendar
$ ls

and it came out with calendar.ics, calendar.ics~ and one other file

then i did:

$ cd
$ rm -rf evolution/
$ evolution &

now you would have assumed that with the rm -rf command that all the
data files would have been deleted.. but when i ran evolution again..
BAM! the data was back.. ???

Yes.  The Evolution calendar re-creates its files on start-up if it
cannot find them.  You are seeing a new, empty calendar file there.

If it is not empty and it still has your old data, then an older
Wombat process is still lying around and saving the old calendar data
from time to time.


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