Re: [Evolution] Syncing w/ a Palm Pilot

Peter Kropf wrote:

I'm currently using gnome-pilot to do the backup and synchronization
of my Palm Pilot. But now that Evolution seems to have the basic
feature set that I need, I'd like to start using it. However, I'm
unable to synchronize my Pilot with Evolution. To start, has anyone
gotten this to work?

When I use the Gnome configuration tool to setup the Pilot, I see
two new conduits - Evolution Calendar and Evolution ToDo. However,
when I select either one, nothing happens. There doesn't seem to
be anywhere to provide configuration information. Should it happen
here? Or somewhere in Evolution?

No, it should happen there with the rest of the conduits.

Try doing the following:
1. Open a terminal
2. killall gpilotd
3. gnomecc
4. Look at the output for errors and send me a copy.

JP Rosevear                             jpr helixcode com
Helix Code Inc.               

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