Re: [Evolution] Syncing w/ a Palm Pilot

Yep, got it to work with no problems. You have to set up the pilot link in 
the Gnome configuration tool and then make the conduits active. I just 
synched from the pilot to the desktop on the first run, otherwise you delete 
all the information from the pilot. (I did it, regretted it and resynched it 
from my Windows machine....thank goodness for backups).

One thing to note though, there isn't a conduit for the addresses yet.

When you have set everything up in the config tool, just press the hotsynch 
button on your pilot. It will then do the synching in the background.

Best regards


On Tuesday 31 October 2000 22:08, Peter Kropf wrote:
I'm currently using gnome-pilot to do the backup and synchronization
of my Palm Pilot. But now that Evolution seems to have the basic
feature set that I need, I'd like to start using it. However, I'm
unable to synchronize my Pilot with Evolution. To start, has anyone
gotten this to work?

When I use the Gnome configuration tool to setup the Pilot, I see
two new conduits - Evolution Calendar and Evolution ToDo. However,
when I select either one, nothing happens. There doesn't seem to
be anywhere to provide configuration information. Should it happen
here? Or somewhere in Evolution?


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