Re: [Evolution] wish-list (MS-Exchange support != MAPI support)

      3. Whether it is possible to write a plugin in the Windows
           side that would just expose the Exchange internals trough
           CORBA, XML-RPC or any other standard protocol.

I do not belive, that this is a good way. Exchange Service is a realy
important and (belive me) very complex, complicated and error prune
service. We in PM have special Exchange guys, which only have to support
the (more than 60, i think, but i'm not that sure) exchange servers in
Europe remotly with pcAnywhere. If it is possible, to create a plugin in
Exchange, big companys like mine never will using it because of the realy
buisness critical email service (Never touch a running system, and you can
be happy if you can say that you have a fairly stable exchange system).

So i will try to figure out more information about the Exchange protocol,
but gimme some hints how to do it.

(at first i will call microsoft and ask for a protocol description *g*)

best regards
Raimund Sacherer

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