Re: [Evolution] wish-list (MS-Exchange support != MAPI support)

for, for example, M$ Exchange, Lotus Notes (anyone using that still?) and
others. That would truly be in the spirit of free software: giving users
back their rights to choose!

I just learned from IBM that Lotus Notes exposes its internals trough
XML-RPC or SOAP or WebDAV.  I forget which.  But there was a lot of
XML action going on.

It might be easier to support Notes than to support Exchange.

If someone here has Exchange, I would love if they could:

        1. Research what protocol Exchange uses to communicate with
           Outlook clients.

        2. Whether it is true or not that Exchange also supports
           XML-RPC these days.

        3. Whether it is possible to write a plugin in the Windows
           side that would just expose the Exchange internals trough
           CORBA, XML-RPC or any other standard protocol.

           That way we could ship a Windows module that would let us
           use Exchange without going trough their protocol (if their
           protocol is indeed non-documented).


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