Re: [Evolution] wish-list (MS-Exchange support != MAPI support)

In our company (Philipp Morris, i am a IS guy located in Kraft Austria) we
are using only microsoft software, i am creating a few linux boxes.

We have exchange and i would be happy if i could work with Evolution on
the exchange servers. 

If you tell me, how i can do what you described, Miguel, i will do my best
to help you!!!

Well, my message describes the possible things to do:

      1. Research what protocol Exchange uses to communicate with
           Outlook clients.

      2. Whether it is true or not that Exchange also supports
           XML-RPC these days.

      3. Whether it is possible to write a plugin in the Windows
           side that would just expose the Exchange internals trough
           CORBA, XML-RPC or any other standard protocol.

(3) is actually possible, as all of the Exchange internals are exposed
on the Windows side trough the CDO family of APIs.  So it just needs
one motivated hacker to write it :-)


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