RE: [Evolution] Ideas for Evolution

I was thinking have all three methods available - one would be to highlight
a paragraph, and then right click to a menu called 'add to templater' or
similar.  At that point it would have options to highlight stuff that would
be replaced (either automatically or manually) when the paragraph is
inserted- mostly just names, dates, and locations. (Upon text selection
either a popup box would appear giving one the options of "Autofill with
[Name, Date, Other]" or "manual fill" check boxes/menus, or the same could
be done with a right click menu selction...)

This would then go into a template list of paragraphs (likely in a
categorization tree since there are certain to be half a dozen generic
paragraphs and then a couple dozen or so more specific response categories).

Upon responding to an email, one would right click and scroll to the
templatizer and select the specific category.  At this point a side pane
could appear, listing the paragraphs (probably only enough of the paragraph
for context, as is done in the inbox...).  These paragraphs would have a
check box by each, additionally there would be a macro/shortcut defined
beside the paragraph.  Thus one could enter the macro/shortcut combination
(similar to TI4M...)  or click on the boxes in the order desired.  (A
necessity for those in our sales staff...)

I'm certain there are other ways, but that's what I had in mind...

Tom M.
TomM pentstar com

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When I was doing lots of email support, TypeIt4Me (a Mac extension) was
a major timesaver.  You basically typed the name of the macro, TI4M
that text and in it's place typed your spiel.

Did this only work inside the message composer, or it worked across
the whole system?

This seems extremelly trivial to implement as a `hook' into the
message composer, and also makes sense.

Want to work on that?  I can give you pointers on how this hack can be
made to work.


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