Re: [Evolution] Ideas for Evolution

For the sales and techinical support fields, much of the time is spent
responding to requests that are largely the same.

A templater would have a number of generic paragraphs (probably custom
paragraphs from previous responses to customers), that could be stringed
together to flexibly respond to
questions and inquiries.

One would click on the boxes in the order desired. The name of the person
being responded to, as well as the product name could be autofilled.

This is done somewhat now by cutting and pasting from old messages.  My
method however provides a faster and more convenient way to accomplish the
same ends.

This is something I have always wanted.  The only problem I see with
this is the user interface for it.

How do you think this would work?  A separate window showing a list or
tree of options?  Or maybe we would use a shortcut bar with the items
in place?  But it needs keyboard usage, so not a very good UI.

The idea is good, how is the user going to interact with that though?

If it sucks, then nobody will use it.


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