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[comments below]

2- I tried the new GPG support in evolution.  Works great for encrypted
will it (or can it already) verify signatures?  Yesterday someone on the
said that there is a problem with the openssl license preventing its use
evolution.  Is there such problems with the open source PKI stuff from
(I think it is under the MPL)
Could this code be reused?

Evolution currently can't verify signatures or encrypt outgoing messages,
at some point this will be possible though.
I'm not sure we could use the PKI stuff from Mozilla because of their
licensing (can't link to MPL'd code - see Galeon's issues with linking to
MPLd code)

Actually, that's not true for the PKI project. The Netscape Security
Services (NSS) project provides all the appropriate crypto (excepting
RSA until 20-Sept, then it will be implemented) necessary for SSL v2,
v3, and TLS. Additionally, their S/MIME v3 library (implemented on-top
of NSS) will also help with X.509 certificates, etc.

Both the NSS and S/MIME libraries are dual licensed under MPL and GPL.
See for more details.


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