Re: [Evolution] A few questions, comments, problems

3- One nice thing that could be done with the gpg support is to encrypt
all the passwords
held by evolution using the gpg passphrase : upon startup, the
passphrase could be asked
only once...

I don't think this is a good idea. What if the user doesn't have gpg? What
if gpg gets removed after you've started using Evolution? Not to mention
it'll slow things down to have to decrypt the password every few minutes
whenever a password was needed.

For those paranoid about passwords being in memory, Evolution will allow
you to enter the password in each time you check mail and then remove them
from memory as soon as it no longer needs the password.

Maybe it would be nice to have a "password manager" bonobo component that
be independant of evolution; the user could configure it the way he wants
(every password encrypted using gpg/pgp if available, ....) through a gnomecc
for example.

Moreover, this service could also be used by web browsers (galeon, for
example) to
manage passwords for web sites the way mozilla is doing it...

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