Re: [Evolution] A few more features

Feature: Multiple signature files
Description: The best way to implement this would be outgoing message
features.  You could specify if you were sending to a specific address
(or from an identity if we are planning to implement those) to use a
certain signature.  For an example of why this would be good, look at my
newfangled work signature.  It's highly inappropriate for personal mail
but since this is the only address I have I'm stuck with it (I could
delete it by hand but that's kind of time consuming).

Perhaps we should look at the way that xfmail ( does it.
You can define regex rules for signatures, or select from a drop down list.
Ie: I apply the rule to say that anything going to * netmaster com uses the
.signature.netmaster, while anything going to * ufies org uses
.signature.ufies.  The thing that xfmail doesn't do right (IMHO) is that if I
want to send a different .sig to someone via the drop down list, it just
appends it to the end of the email, instead of replacing the predefined
"ruled" .sig.

My $0.02



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