Re: [Evolution] Preliminary list of feature requests [Long]

Feature: Non-blocking sending of mail [Could you better describe
Description: I am using sendmail over a dialup, and when I send an email,
sendmail does a DNS lookup.  Evolution blocks until sendmail returns.
Annoying if the line is busy etc...
Requested by: Rob Brown-Bayliss [rob ZOOstation cc]

What hapens is the compose window hangs around, and evolution will not
respond until sendmail has done it's DNS lookup (netscape is the same). 
Normally this takes about one tenth of a second, but on a dial up when
off line it has to dialup for the DNS.  I guess having it (compose) run
as a seperate process will sort it out, and hide the window when the
send button is pressed...

I believe sendmail can be configured to accept the messsage before doing
it's lookup and I will suss that out one day, but a newbie who basically
has trouble finding the powerswitch will probably think Evolution has

Feature: Virus Jokes  [This is questionable that this should really be in
here, especially if we would like to use this survey beyond the current
mailing list...]
Description: When an email with suspect vbs code arrives in the
box have an animated paper clip pop up and make fun of it's self...
Requested by: Rob Brown-Bayliss [rob ZOOstation cc]

Yeah...  This really was a Joke....  Further down the list was a more
serious comment about scripts, though I belive several Evo hackers have
gone on record to the effect that Evolution scripts will be sent to jail
if they even look suspect.


  Rob Brown-Bayliss

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