Re: [Evolution] Bounce/remail command

"Clayton L. Scott" wrote:

        1) To redirect mail that shouldn't have gone to me in the
         first place in a manner that removes me from the loop so I
         never have to deal with it again.

                - I use this a lot where I work since I seem to get a
                 lot of generic inquiries that I don't need or want to
                 deal with once its gone. If I forward these e-mails
                 I'm set up as the automatic reply-to which a serious
                 pain because for some reason my co-worker like to
                 reply to me so I can reply to the original person.

                That's why I use bounce.

This would help me too. We have a few domains for which, if mail is
poorly addressed left of the '@' sign, it is delivered to me for
appropriate forwarding internally. Currently, I forward this with the
'forward' feature, and as Clayton suggests, the desired recipient
composes their response to me, using their 'reply' button. It'd be handy
if I could feed it right back to the SMTP server with a corrected
address, then I wouldn't have to play messenger boy for the response,



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