Re: [Evolution] Bounce/remail command

Christian Borup wrote:

u07ih abdn ac uk wrote:

I know this was discussed a few weeks ago, and that JWZ (and others) had very
good arguements for why this command should not be available, but could it be
implemented as an advanced option that has to be turned on and is off by
default? I find this command very useful, and use it almost daily, and I get
annoyed when I can't use it.

OK I'll bite.
Could you explain why you use bounce instead of forward?
I used it a fair bit in pine long time ago, but only because it didn't forward

        1) To redirect mail that shouldn't have gone to me in the
         first place in a manner that removes me from the loop so I
         never have to deal with it again.

                - I use this a lot where I work since I seem to get a
                 lot of generic inquiries that I don't need or want to
                 deal with once its gone. If I forward these e-mails
                 I'm set up as the automatic reply-to which a serious
                 pain because for some reason my co-worker like to
                 reply to me so I can reply to the original person.

                That's why I use bounce.


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