Re: [Evolution] Missing Evolution... files?

On 19 Apr 2000, Jacob Berkman wrote:
/me hands it off to someone else

From: tyrone augustine <tyronea_2000 yahoo com>

thanks and i appreciate your response.  however, i'm
still having problems.  i have bonobo0.8 installed.

[root Loki shell]# orbit-idl -I`/usr/bin/gnome-config
--datadir`/idl -I. ./Evolution.idl         
Shell.idl:13: Error: `Bonobo' undeclared identifier

** WARNING **: ./Evolution.idl compilation failed

I had this problem because I've been installing source-built Gnome stuff in
/opt/gnome. I would suggest checking where Bonobo is installed (i.e. when
you did, which --prefix you used), and adding an extra include
directory into the orbit-idl line in the makefile -In my case I use 
-I/opt/gnome/share/idl. There may be other places where this is needed.

(I know this may not be recommended practice, but it was my attempt to keep
an RPM-based machine reasonably "clean").

By way of other bugs, filter/ erroneously states:

INCLUDES =                                      \
        -I $(top_srcdir)                        \
        -I $(top_srcdir)/libibex                \
        -I $(top_srcdir)/camel                  \
        -I $(top_srcdir)/e-util                 \
        -I $(top_srcdir)/camel/providers/mbox   \
        -I $(GNOME_INCLUDEDIR)                  \
        -I $(GTKHTML_CFLAGS)

Given that $(GTKHTML_CFLAGS) is a set of flags, the -I should be removed.
Otherwise you get a silent failure because -I -I/opt./gnome... is not what
you want.


John Gray                       +44 (0)121 698 8672
Senior Technician      
Beans Industry (UK) Ltd.

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