Re: [Evolution] Bounce/remail command

OK I'll bite.
Could you explain why you use bounce instead of forward?
I used it a fair bit in pine long time ago, but only because it didn't forward

Bascially, I have 2 email accounts, 
one for list emails and one for private emails.
If there's an email to the list account that I want to follow up on, and think
it is likely to turn into a discussion, that I don't want to loose track of,
then I can bounce it to the private account. Likewise email that should have
gone to the private account, but went to the list one, can be redirected without

Only the private account can print emails, so if there's an interesting mail on
the list I can bounce it to the other account and print it without having > in
front of everything.

I know some of this will change when Evolution is available, but I still think
it would be useful.


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