Re: [Evolution-hackers] WebKit port of the composer

On Fri, 2012-06-01 at 16:49 +0200, Daniel Vratil wrote:
> If you have any special wish (I bet Andre will come with many feature requests 
> from bugzilla :P ) you'd like to have in the new composer, please share them 
> now. Regarding features, I want to make exact copy of GtkHTMLEditor and only 
> fix the most annoying GtkHTML issues, all crazy ideas will be deferred for 3.8 
> :) 

Fixing some of the brokenness of the To/Cc/Bcc headers in the composer
would be wonderful.

Try this in the current composer:
 1. Paste or enter this address into the To: header, exactly as follows:
    Woodhouse, David <David Woodhouse intel com>
 2. Click somewhere *outside* the To: header entry box.

 3. "Realise" that the name is stupidly backwards and contains a stupid
    comma that shouldn't be in an RFC5322 display-name. (Yay Exchange)

 4. Go back to the To: header entry, and put quotes around the
    display-name so it looks like
    "Woodhouse, David" <David Woodhouse intel com>

 5. Click somewhere outside the entry, again.

 6. Watch the address magically transform itself to nonsense:
    "Woodhouse, David" <David woodhouse intel com>, David <David woodhouse intel com>

In the past when our message *display* also gratuitously screwed with
display-names to *remove* the quotes which were necessary to make them
correct, this used to happen quite a lot when addresses were cut and

We should also be able to send a mail with the following headers:
  To: Some people I want to invite to my party : ; 
  Bcc: foo bar com

Currently I get an SMTP error when I try that, because it treats the
group in the To: header as a single address, and submits it in 
RCPT TO:<Some people... party : ;>


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