[Evolution-hackers] WebKit port of the composer

Hello hackers,

I have nearly finished reworking the e-mail formatter (details in the other 
mail) and I want to slowly turn my attention to the composer. It will be a lot 
of work, but hopefully I'll make it for 3.6 (no, I WILL make it for 3.6!!!).

This e-mail is to give you some heads up about what I plan to do and how I 
intend to do it.

The design I have in mind is to create EEditorWidget, which would be 
subclasseed from WebKitWebView. It should have an API to work with formatting 
of the text, insert images - in general it would manipulate with the DOM 
document) and API to control behavior of the editor (spellchecking, citation 
colors etc.)

Then there would be ESimpleEditor (?) which would contain a reduced toolbar, 
with the most basic formatting tools only (B, I, U, font, text color, item 
list). It could be used in Express mode and as a simple richtext editor for 
events descriptions and similar (granted we figure out how to store rich 
text/html in icals and vcards :) ). 

Finally, EHTMLEditor (?) would be full-featured equivalent to GtkHtmlEditor. 
Maybe ESimpleEditor could be based on EHTMLEditor and it would only turn off 
some of the features, I'm not sure yet.

If you have any special wish (I bet Andre will come with many feature requests 
from bugzilla :P ) you'd like to have in the new composer, please share them 
now. Regarding features, I want to make exact copy of GtkHTMLEditor and only 
fix the most annoying GtkHTML issues, all crazy ideas will be deferred for 3.8 


PS: Feel free to suggest better class names, my muse left me today :)

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