Re: [Evolution-hackers] WebKit port of the composer

On Fri, 2012-06-01 at 18:38 +0200, Dan Vratil wrote:
> > That was a mistake on
> > my part because it precludes us from embedding the editor in an existing
> > window, and you'll likely want to do that later when you start working
> > on a Conversation View.  ;)  
> I probably missed something...? :)

I was kidding...  Sort of.  ;)

> Yes, they use Enchant. The API [0] seem to be able to return only single word  
> for autocorrect, but I guess we can fill in the missing functionality by 
> working directly with Enchant?

Good, then you may want to salvage the spell/language classes from
GtkhtmlEditor, which also talk to Enchant.  I wrote those a few years
ago based on a GLib proposal called GSpell that never went anywhere.
It's still languishing in Bugzilla.  If ever GLib does grow some spell
checking support, it's likely the API will be similar.

Matthew Barnes

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