Re: [Evolution-hackers] WebKit port of the composer

On Fri, 2012-06-01 at 16:49 +0200, Daniel Vratil wrote:
> I have nearly finished reworking the e-mail formatter (details in the other 
> mail) and I want to slowly turn my attention to the composer. It will be a lot 
> of work, but hopefully I'll make it for 3.6 (no, I WILL make it for 3.6!!!).

Awesome that you're starting in on that already!

3.6 is pretty ambitious though.  We can't be landing major features too
late in the development cycle and 3.6 is already a doozy.  You need to
allow adequate time for testing and bug fixing before a stable release.

3.7.1 seems a more realistic target.  I'd be no less thrilled to be rid
of GtkHtml by 3.8.

> If you have any special wish (I bet Andre will come with many feature requests 
> from bugzilla :P ) you'd like to have in the new composer, please share them 
> now. Regarding features, I want to make exact copy of GtkHTMLEditor and only 
> fix the most annoying GtkHTML issues, all crazy ideas will be deferred for 3.8 
> :) 

Sounds pretty reasonable.

My only request off the top of my head is to not subclass GtkWindow for
your simple/html editors like GtkhtmlEditor does.  That was a mistake on
my part because it precludes us from embedding the editor in an existing
window, and you'll likely want to do that later when you start working
on a Conversation View.  ;)  I suggest GtkGrid as a base class.

Out of curiosity, what does WebKit/GTK+ use for spell checking?
Enchant?  Will their APIs allow us to recreate the context menu with
spelling suggestions plus other editing actions?

Matthew Barnes

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