Re: [Evolution-hackers] branding

Hi Dan,

Dan Winship wrote:
On Wed, 2004-03-31 at 16:17, William Jon McCann wrote:

The bigger issue, in my opinion, is the use of Ximian, Novell, or other corporate branding. I don't think GNOME is the right place for such marketing. I don't think we want to see RedHat, Sun, IBM, Netscape, etc. logos either.

Well, think about the flip side. Would you want Red Hat, Sun, and IBM to
ship the GNOME desktop with all of the GNOME branding removed?

That is completely within their rights. As long as they provide the source for the changes. In fact that is the way it should work. GNOME should be the vendor-corporate-agnostic / unencumbered core. Build your business model from it, not in it. This is pretty close to what Sun is doing now.

As long as I can build from CVS and be free.

Even ignoring the issue of proper attribution of work, if you remove all
the branding from everything, you'd end up with a really dull system. No
one's going to get excited about running "Web Browser for Desktop" on
"Operating System" (on their generic beige PC).

This has nothing to do with attribution / credit. The copyright wouldn't change. Nor would the contributer list.

Once again, I am not advocating changing the name Evolution at all. This is about *corporate* branding. Corporate branding should be done outside of GNOME proper.

I don't think changing "Ximian Evolution" to "Evolution" within the application makes for a dull system.

I think there is plenty to be excited about *in* Evolution and with how it can seamlessly integrate with GNOME. That is how we can and should excite people. This is something that everyone on this list should be very proud of.

(The ad for Connector in the Evolution help files is a completely
different thing though.)

I'm not even sure it is legal to distribute and use Ximian / Novell logos and trademarks.

Somewhere there's a license file that explains that you can distribute
the logos unmodified, or replace them with other images, but not
distribute modified versions of them. I think.

Ok, thanks.  That's good news for the Evolution logo.

I'm not familiar with all the details but I think that the integration of Nautilus with GNOME may serve as a precedent for this type of de-branding.

I propose:

Evolution        == default GNOME Evolution
Ximian Evolution == Evolution shipped by Ximian/Novell

The later may differ from the former in that it may include vendor add-ons, additional XD integration work, etc.


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