[Evolution-hackers] branding


I hope this isn't too controversial...

Currently, evolution uses a fair amount of product branding. By this I mean that "Ximian Evolution" is used as are Ximian logos and trademarks.

Given that Evolution is targeting inclusion in GNOME desktop would it be appropriate to try to remove some of this for a default GNOME build? Perhaps a configure option could turn on branding (--enable-branding)?

Changes might include:
 - "Ximian Evolution" -> "Evolution"
 - Ximian about dialog -> GNOMEish about dialog
 - Removing the advertisement for Connector in the help file
 - changing ximian.com URLs to gnome.org

This has two benefits in my view. First, it keeps GNOME brand-free. Second, it makes the branding more meaningful when it is only included in an Official Novell/Ximian build.

Is there a GNOME policy on this?

What do you think?


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