Re: [Evolution-hackers] "Do you want Evo as def. mail?"

fre 2004-02-27 klockan 16.21 skrev Rodney Dawes:
> On Pre , 2004-02-27 at 15:09 +0100, smurfd wrote:
> > Ah,okey. It sounded good in my head, before i read this, so now i totaly
> > agree..
> > 
> > And i take it,the feature has been taken care of?
> > 
> > As i said, ive seen alot of proposals, and nothing in the CVS yet.
> Nothing is in CVS because none of the patches made the first-round
> bounties deadline. However, the default in gnome 2.6 is Evolution, as
> the appropriate set of keys was added to libgnome, and the only other
> "gnome" mail client that would conceivably overwrite the key, is Balsa,
> and people generally make a definite decision on what mail client they
> are using. Any other client is probably going to require manually
> setting the key to support it anyway, so so it's not really
> exceptionally important that such code go into 2.0. Though, it is still
> a bounty, and still open to be accepted for 2.2.
> -- dobey

Oh okey, thanks for clearifying... 
Ill see if i can fix a patch together :)

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