Re: [Evolution-hackers] "Do you want Evo as def. mail?"

I still think evolution should have a option in the settings that
re-checks the default mailer setting. What if the user misakenly runs a
different mailer that steals the default setting? TBH isnt the "Do not
bother me again? Y/N" option redundant?

The first time it is run, Evolution should ask to become the default
mailer, regardless of what is in the GConf setting at the time (if
the user is migrating from X to Evoltion).

Then, it should assume that the user doesnt want to be asked again, even
if the GConf setting changes (avoiding outlook-style fights to be

BUT, it should still allow the user to manually set Evolution to be the
default mailer, by going into the settings and clicking "Set Default
Mailer". (I added this to one of the patches in Bugzilla)

If youre forcing users to edit the GConf setting to get Evolution to
automagically set a GConf key, whats the point? You might as well just
let people just edit the GConf to begin with.

And anyone know what problems this'll bring up with KDE? Does KDE do its
own GConf-style thing? Will this have to be coded for too?

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