Re: [Evolution-hackers] Proposed Keyboard Navigation for Evolution Mail Reader and Calendar

Hi, Ettore
On Wed, 2003-06-04 at 03:30, Ettore Perazzoli wrote:

> Assuming that the new bindings do not conflict with existing ones and
> that they are HIG compliant (I haven't checked either of these things),
> this plan looks great to me.
> We have to figure out how much work this is, and how much of it makes
> sense for 1.4.x; my feeling is that it would be worthwhile to implement
> these bindings in 1.4.x, as long as they do not require major changes to
> the code.

> What do people think?

Could anyone tell us what is the roadmap of evolution 1.4.x? 
Does it means a branch out of the evolution 1.4 release and when ? 

We need such time schedule to coordinate our work. 

I think such good functions should be implemented both on the Header and
the branch.


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