Re: [Evolution-hackers] Proposed Keyboard Navigation for Evolution Mail Reader and Calendar

About keyboard navigation when reading a mail,

Most work we need to do is enable keyboard navigation that previously only
enabled in editor. So hopefully it will not take two much time. In our plan,
we assume 2 weeks/person.


Bolian Yin wrote:

I am Bolian Yin, just involved in evolution, and will work on accessibility.� Looking forward to work with you all.

* ( Granted, I was checking more for guideline compliance than for intersection with other shortcuts, though.� )
Thanks for reviewing the proposal.

What do people think?

Implementing this in 1.4.x sounds great to me.�
We plan to have 5 person-weeks on Calendar keyboard navigator, but start from Sept 15.� If implementing this in 1.4x, maybe we need to change its priority.� We need to discuss it internally, and your comments in welcomed.

York will give his plan on mail keyboard navigation in a seperate letter.


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