Re: [Evolution-hackers] Proposed Keyboard Navigation for Evolution Mail Reader and Calendar


> Our group will start  a project that made evolution more accessible.
>   Keyboard navigation is part of the project.

This sounds great!  Thanks for looking into this.

> Attached is our proposal, comments are welcome.  The proposal try to
> attack two parts that keyboard navigation
> are weak or vacant, gtkhtml mail reader can calendar. While in other
> parts keyboard navigation mostly work, and
> we think it can be resolved by bugfix.

Assuming that the new bindings do not conflict with existing ones and
that they are HIG compliant (I haven't checked either of these things),
this plan looks great to me.

We have to figure out how much work this is, and how much of it makes
sense for 1.4.x; my feeling is that it would be worthwhile to implement
these bindings in 1.4.x, as long as they do not require major changes to
the code.

What do people think?

-- Ettore

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