Re: [Evolution-hackers] Re: evo calendar mockup

On Thu, 2003-07-24 at 20:57, Tuomas Kuosmanen wrote:
> > * it would be really nice to have an ETable displaying the list of
> > appointments being shown, like mozilla-calendar does:
> > 
> >
> > 
> > In your mockup, how would this fit? Could you add it please to see how
> > it would look?
> Hm, I wonder how useful this would actually be? I mean, isnt the
> calendar view the most useful to see your events in the timeline?
well, it is sometimes useful, when you've got a search that returns a
lot of appointments. In that case, a list where you can easily find the
appointment you're looking for is a nice help.

> Of course one can do a "list view" in addition to "day view" and "week
> view" etc. I think Palm pilots have this in their calendar.
yes, now, with the ECalView thing, it would be really easy to do a
EListView class based on it.

> But is it really more useful than a normal calendar view? I'd like to
> hear why you find it useful to understand better, then it is easier to
> think about ways to represent it in the UI as well.
as I said, there are times when there are lots of appointments, and it
is difficult to find the one you want in the day/week/month views.

> > * also, as already noted, the categories are already identified by
> > icons, so the folder bar should use icons instead of colors. Also, I
> > find the categories there a bit redundant, since you can already filter
> > by category in the search bar. Maybe we should just make the search bar
> > allow users to filter by more than one category.
> > 
> > Apart from this, it looks really nice.
> Colors are per-calendar. "Movie premiers" calendar you imported would be
> assigned some color, your default calendar is another color etc.
> Because they will all be overlayed in the calendar view, it is useful to
> have events from each calendar file be of the same color so you can tell
> them apart by a glance. Looking for a company meeting? Easy when
> "Evolution Team Calendar" on the intranet you imported has all its
> events show as blue in your calendar. And your private calendar is
> green, and "peoples birthdays" -calendar is yellow.
> The categories are separate from this. And I am thinking, are anyone
> really using the category icons much? I never do that. Are they useful?
> Not doubting it, but I want to hear if a lot of people use them..?
it is another way of filtering

> *** NOTE *** 
> We also need to figure out how to define which calendar the event goes
> to, when you add a new one. Maybe have a default one, and then a context
> menu that lists all calendars you can write to as "Put event in... ->
> list of calendars you have in your Evolution"
yes, I wass thinking we could have something like mozilla:

which lets you select the calendar the event is in. I don't know though
if it is a good idea to let the user change the calendar once the event
has been created, but we definitely want to allow the user to select the
calendar when creating a new item.


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