Re: [Evolution-hackers] Notes/Memos component for Evolution?

--- Dan Winship <danw ximian com> wrote:
> > I could use either one of the existing libraries (libical, libebook) or
> > I could create a new library just for a memo component.
> Some standard defines a vcard/vcalendar-like format for notes. I think
> it's called either VMEMO or VNOTE. It may be part of obex (the
> irda/bluetooth object exchange protocol). It might make sense to use
> that (would presumably make it easier to sync with pdas/phones).

The only real VMEMO stuff I found was for a MacOSX voice recorder, and
the VNOTE was the first version of VJOURNAL (I think that's in some
of the other e-mails).

> JP has been talking about redoing libecal to use a parser based on the
> libebook vcard parser. If that happens, then it would be easy to adapt
> the same parser to do vnote/vmemo/whatever it's called as well.

I looked at the vcard syntax, and it looks like the formatting could be
similar, except replace VCARD with VMEMO. Tags for categories, a UID, and
a summary already exist, so nothing extra needed there. The description
or note tags could be used for a memo's content, but I think a "CONTENT"
tag would describe it better.

I think I'll implement a parser for the memo using a vcard-like format,
and if the libebook vcard parser gets rewritten, I'll see how I can use
the rewritten parser. It doesn't look like I can use the one as-is, since
it takes an EVCard.

> >   - limit the length to the max length in the PalmOS (since this is the
> > original reason for me wanting this component, but there could be a
> > user-defined setting that would limit it if the user so chooses, and be
> > unlimited otherwise)
> I'd argue against that. There are other PDAs and phones that you can
> sync memos to as well. The palm conduit can truncate, skip, or split
> memos that are too long.

Yeah, that would make it a bad thing. I think it'd be useful option for the
user in the UI, but that can be added later.

Nathan Owens

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