Re: [Evolution-hackers] Notes/Memos component for Evolution?

> I could use either one of the existing libraries (libical, libebook) or
> I could create a new library just for a memo component.

Some standard defines a vcard/vcalendar-like format for notes. I think
it's called either VMEMO or VNOTE. It may be part of obex (the
irda/bluetooth object exchange protocol). It might make sense to use
that (would presumably make it easier to sync with pdas/phones).

JP has been talking about redoing libecal to use a parser based on the
libebook vcard parser. If that happens, then it would be easy to adapt
the same parser to do vnote/vmemo/whatever it's called as well.

>   - limit the length to the max length in the PalmOS (since this is the
> original reason for me wanting this component, but there could be a
> user-defined setting that would limit it if the user so chooses, and be
> unlimited otherwise)

I'd argue against that. There are other PDAs and phones that you can
sync memos to as well. The palm conduit can truncate, skip, or split
memos that are too long.

-- Dan

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